Virginia Stroud-Indian Ledger Art

Virginia Stroud

Plains Indians Ledger Art

Both images below represent the pictographic quality of traditional Native American imagery. The distinction between the two images is that "Waiting for the Parade" is absent those qualities that reference the page of a ledger book. "Enemy Treasures" on the other hand does. It has faint semblances in the image that would make one think of the page of a ledger. Not all traditional art is ledger art. Ledger art will contain traditional imagery, but traditional imagery was used for many mediums, e.g. skins, rocks.... In the mainstream, traditional images on paper are often referred to as "ledger type drawings". Whether or not this general usage of "ledger" in regard to a piece of art is correct or not is not meant to be decided here. Compare the images below to this example of ledger art.

"Waiting for the Parade"

Waiting for the Parade
Hand pulled Stone Lithograph

"Enemy Treasures"

Enemy Treasures
Hand pulled Stone Lithograph

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